Day 4: On the ground in Grand Canyon National Park


Our initial plan was to go see the Grand Canyon during Day 3, then head to San Francisco on Day 4. With the extra time on the ground trying to restart 7CF’s engine, we still hadn’t seen the Grand Canyon by late afternoon, and were both exhausted from three days of flying. Thankfully, we had reserved a campsite for two nights — as a hedge against weather delays — so we decided to spend a full day on the ground in the National Park.

After getting 7CF’s engine running again (we probably had it too lean on landing, combined with an idle speed calibrated for sea level; then we flooded it), the local FBO dropped us off at the Park Service shuttle bus station in the tiny tourist town of Tuscayan, Arizona, and we set up camp.

We didn’t get to see the Grand Canyon until the morning, and somehow the view is even more impressive from the ground. It’s gigantic, with stunning colors, changing at every time of the day. We take the buses of the park service to see the canyon from different points, each one more breathtaking than the other. With all those images in mind, we spend another night at the campground. Tomorrow, 7CF will see the Pacific Ocean!