Day 1, Leg 3: Davenport to Lincoln, NE

As we prepare the third leg of the day from Davenport, IA to Lincoln, NE (KLNK), we notice another SIGMET and a big thunderstorm — the kind only the Midwest has — in the middle of our route.  Fortunately the storm is very local, so we decide to go around it to the north and overfly Des Moines, IA enroute to Lincoln, NE.  With Jim back in the left seat, we take off just after 3 pm.

As we contact Quad City Approach after takeoff, we just ask for flight following towards Lincoln, omitting to mention our plan to divert North.  We receive a concerned answer from the controller, wondering whether we are aware of the weather. After some explanations everything is fine, but it is nice to know that we have controllers double-checking the weather for us!

Around Des Moines, we spot the storms on our left: they look much darker than the ones around Chicago, and we once again give them a wide berth. Crossing into Nebraska, we overfly Omaha and pass right over Offutt Air Force Base.  We start descending into Lincoln — a gigantic airport (land is plentiful in Nebraska), with multiple runways, and we ask for runway 17 so that we’re don’t waste hobbs time touring the airport by ground. We pull into Performance Aviation, 7CF’s home for the night, and our friend Bill is already waiting for us.

Bill and Katie moved to Lincoln, NE a few months ago, after Bill got a job as a professor at the University of Nebraska. We met Bill when all three of us were members of the East Hill Flying Club and grad students at Cornell. Bill and Katie are living in a beautiful house in Lincoln with their 12-month old great dane puppy Bo. After some grilling for dinner, they take us in town to visit the university campus, and we explore a nice bar downtown with great local beers. We don’t stay out too late — we’re flying to Boulder, and Bill is taking his new airplane, a Cessna 182S to Mississippi, “for work”… or so he claims!

At the end of the day, it’s 7.9 hours on 7CF’s hobbs meter!